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History of Stephen A. Foster


Stephen A. Foster was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has spent the majority of his professional career in the Olympia area and in particular the last 30 years as a partner in his firm Foster,
Foster & Schaller. Now on his own choosing to focus exclusively on his specialty of family law and personal
injury Mr. Foster strives to provide the best possible result to his clients.


Mr. Foster graduated from Gonzaga University in 1973. Mr. Foster was a finalist & first runner up in the 1973 Linden Cup Moot Court.  During his junior and senior year at Gonzaga University he briefed for the most prominent trial lawyer in Spokane County that being John Layman.


Mr. Foster has held numerous prestigious committee associations with both the Thurston County Bar Association, WA Trial Lawyers American Bar Association, WA State Bar Association, and American Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Foster recently finished serving a three year term with the WA State Bar Association dealing with the following committees: Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection and Adjunct
Investigative Panel.


Mr. Foster was President of the Rotary Club of South Puget Sound twice, 1995-1996 and 2000-2001. In
addition, Mr. Foster served many other rotary positions and projects.  Mr. Foster was a teacher at South Puget Sound Community College business law from 1988-1996.  


Mr. Foster takes great pride and is genuinely proud of his involvement with the US Army Special Forces having served with them both active and reserve duty from 1967 to 1973 receiving an honorable discharge.


Firm Involvement


The firm Foster & Foster was started in the mid 1940's by Stephen A. Foster’s uncle Stanberry Foster, Sr. Mr. Foster specialized in general practice of law, which was the general practice in those days. His wife Evelyn Foster joined him in the 1950's following a career as an attorney with the State of Washington.


In June 1974, Stephen A. Foster the Nephew of Stanberry & Evelyn Foster joined the firm of Foster & Foster. 


In his first year practicing law in Spokane County he was involved in extensive commercial transactions involving numerous real estate closings of all sorts and descriptions and a few court appearances. Loving the excitement of court appearance he left the Spokane firm of Bell, Foster & Associates and returned to
Olympia. His practice was initially being mentored by his Aunt, Evelyn Foster in developing his own practice of family law, criminal law and once in awhile a personal injury case. The personal injury speciality increased to one of his specialities today.



In 1980 Ed Schaller Jr. joined the firm and the firm name then became Foster, Foster & Schaller.   The centralization of practice at that time was family law, personal injury, criminal law and a sprinkling of other items of civil law. Prior to joining the firm Ed Schaller, Jr brought with him his 9 years of experience as Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with Thurston County.


In the early 80's Mrs. Foster’s interest in the partnership were bought out by the partners resulting in Ed Schaller Jr. & Stephen A. Foster as the remaining partners in the firm.  They continued their specialties of both family law, criminal law, and personal injury to include other various minor areas of the law making the firm close to a full service law firm.


Starting from the mid to early 80's the firm had various associates who specialized in criminal law, probate, personal injury, and estate planning. From its beginning the firm provided excellent legal expertise
and representation.


In 2000 the partnership had to be reconstructed as Ed Schaller Jr. developed health problems and had to retire. At that time his daughter, Christine Schaller was brought in as a partner specializing also in family law, personal injury, criminal and other areas of practice, which included probate and estate planning.


In 2004/2005 Christine Schaller having married and becoming a family unit with the birth of her first child things changed. It is at this time Christine made a choice to run for the appointment of Thurston County Family Law Court Commissioner which she achieved. The firm continued with Stephen Foster as the principal in which various associates came and went.


Throughout his firm history it should be noted his firm is probably one of the biggest producers of judgeships, inasmuch as Christine Pomeroy, a now retired Superior Court Judge was an associate attorney working for Foster, Foster & Schaller in the early 80's.   Currently his former partner, Christine Schaller is the Family Law Court  Commissioner running for Superior Court Judge.


He looks forward to the expansion and continuation of his law practice. He is the sixth lawyer in three generations practicing law in the State of WA & specializing in Thurston County.


In the event you are a prior or new client wishing assistance in something I do not specialize in please call as I have extensive referral information to find you the appropriate attorney.

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